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Perfect for locating cars, pets, luggage, drones, or anything else that might travel long distances or need up-to-the-minute location updates.


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World-Wide Range

GSM Coverage across the globe

With our first-to-market hybrid GPS and Bluetooth tech, the GPS can report location anywhere in the world where Cellular or GPS data is available.

Map-Based Locations

Use the in-app map to find your things.

With an easy to use main map dispaly, our IOS, Android, and Web Apps allow you to quickly identify where your lost or misplaced items are.

Rechargeable Battery

Find quicker, last longer.

With our rechargeable battery and battery preserving options, you can control the precision and battery life of your GPS.

Slim Design

The XY GPS can go wherever you can.

The trim design of the XY GPS allows for maximum portability and utility. Take it wherever you go, put it on your dog's collar, or anything else.

Happiness Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our priority.

If you're not happy with your XY GPS, we will do everything in our power to help you resolve any issue you might find.

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Never Lose Anything Important Again

Using our mobile or online app, you can easily locate your things on a global scale with the XY GPS's GSM network.

Find Nearby and Worldwide

The XY GPS shows you wherever in the world your items are with Bluetooth, GPS, and Cellular technology.

See where your things are

Simply check the map in our XY Find It app or browser to see where your XY GPS is or where your XY3 was last seen.

Find your phone

Use the black button on your GPS to make your phone ring or use the app to activate the GPS's LED light!

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Dimensions: .5in x 2.27in x 1.97in

Components: Outer shell, button, chipset, battery, antenna.

Weight: 0.9 oz

Colors (4): Carbon, Carmine, Cobalt, Chromium

Warranty: 2 years

Lithium Battery: 400 MAH 3.7V 1.48Wh

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How It Works   Add to Cart

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