Choose Your XY Finder

Perfect for locating cars, pets, luggage, or anything else that might travel long distances.

World-Wide Range

GPS and Bluetooth

Map-Based Location

Rechargeable Battery

Perfect for finding keys, purses, backpacks, or anything left somewhere nearby.

Bluetooth Technology

Easily Audible Ringer

Audible Ringer

Replaceable Battery

Map-Based Location

Not sure which XY Finder is Better for You?

Compare the features and capabilities of the XY3 Bluetooth finder and the XY GPS tracker and Determine which product will work for your needs or if you need both.


XY GPS Tracker

XY3 Bluetooth Finder

Common Uses

Cars, Dogs, Drones, Luggage, items that move large distancesKeys, Purses, Wallets, items you want to keep near


*UnlimitedUp to 150 - 210 ft

Button | Ring your phone




4 colors8 colors

Beep to find

Keep Near™ Notifications

coming soon

Low Energy Bluetooth



2.27 x 1.97 x 0.5 inches1.46 x 1.26 x 0.32 inches


0.9 ounce0.16 ounces

Battery Life

RechargeUp to 1 year

GSM Subscription


2 years2 years
* Unlimited Range except areas not covered by GSM

Learn how XY helps find what is important.

XY Find It + Zapier

XY Find It and Zapier are now connected! Learn how you can use your XY Finder to connect to your other applications with Zapier, making your life that much easier!

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Mom uses XY before She Loses It!

The XY3 is the perfect little helper for this busy mom to keep her on schedule for the day by always being able to help her quickly find her keys and get her out the door fast onto the next errand!

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Gripping XY Story

XY3 beacons help keep track of gripping and lighting equipment for leading production companies. Whether you are keeping track of expensive cameras, simple props or lighting stands, an XY Findables product can help track your things.

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Flightly Little Roomba Lost Again!

XY3 tracks all kinds of things. It's up to the user's imagination on they types of things that can be tracked and found by these BlueTooth tracking devices. Read more how a woman in Chesapeake, VA uses one of her XY3 beacons to track Roo, her flighty little Roomba.

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