Wife Taking the Wrong Keys

The XY3 finders have been a great purchase for my family and me. We use them with 3 sets of keys, for finding misplaced phones, and have one to keep our daughter’s lunch box from getting left at home with the KeepNear Notifications.

XY3 finders have been a great buy for us. The best find I’ve had was when I drove home from work, woke up the next morning, and couldn’t find my keys for the life of me. I looked all over the house. Tried ringing the finder on my keys, but didn’t hear anything. Then I noticed on my XY Find It app where the last location was. It was at my wife’s office!

The mystery was solved. My wife had picked up my keys and put them in here purse on accident. Her XY Find It app sent my keys location to my app. She had no idea that her app even picked it up.

Richard C

Remind you of anyone?

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