Stop Leaving the Laptop Behind

Being that my laptop is also my only computer at the office, I have to remember each day before I start my commute to remember to grab my laptop. Unfortunately, there have been quite a few instances where I have driven half way to the office only to realize that I need to turn back around and get the laptop. The worst was always getting to the office, sitting down at my desk, and then realizing I couldn’t do any work, because the laptop was still sitting at home. If I lived near the office, it wouldn’t be so painful, but I drive 24 miles and the morning traffic is a killer, especially if you have to drive through it twice! It ruins my whole day.

I decided to get the XY3 to help me avoid this happening. Before I even get to the end of my street, my phone will beep with my KeepNear notification telling me I’ve left my laptop at home, and saving me from driving an extra 50 useless miles! Even if it only happens once or twice every couple of months, it’s saved me so much time and gas money. Thanks to the guys and gals at XY!

Paul K

Know any one that needs that extra reminder?

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