Ring My Smart Phone even on Silent

I got the XY3 as a stocking stuffer for Christmas last year, but I rarely lose my keys because I always just drop them on a hook by the door. I didn’t think I would ever use it that much, not to mention that I’m not a big tech person either. I set it up out of curiosity to see how it worked and then left it on my keys, as it’s not bulky and I actually really like the color. Aquamarine which is a nice bright sky blue color. It actually turned out to be a real lifesaver, because I am always misplacing my phone!

I didn’t even realize this a first. My sister and I were going to go out to a college party, but I couldn’t figure out where I put my phone! It wasn’t until my sister, who got it for me and was using it quite often to not forget her college backpack, told me I could use it to find my phone. I got my keys pressed the button, and started hearing a loud ringtone playing in between the cushions of the sofa!

Now, every time I can’t find my phone, I just grab my keys and press the button on it until the ringing leads me to my phone. I love how it can ring my phone even if it’s on silent. It has saved me so much time looking for it, because my phone is always on silent especially around bedtime so I don’t bother my roomies! I now don’t have to have a small heart attack and scurry around the apartment when I can’t find it, because I know once I grab my keys I can find it quickly and then run out the door. Definitely the most useful Christmas stocking filler I’ve ever gotten!

Carrie R

Know someone who always misplaces their phone?

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