The Day the Music Didn't Die

My band and I travel around a lot to do gigs, so moving that much equipment around is a logistical nightmare most of the time. Getting out of a venue so late and being so tired after such a long performance, my mind doesn’t always help me remember all the amps and road cases. Things that cost quite a bit of money especially on the budget we’re on. I would hate to lose an electric guitar or even any of our amps. We’ve shown up to a gig without some of our cables which was a disaster and delayed our sound check while we waited on a friend to go roomage for spares in the bus. No one was impressed and we definitely didn’t start that night on the right note!

A friend of ours bought these after seeing an ad on Facebook and shared it with us. We love the KeepNear feature, it sends us a notification on our phone when we leave something behind at the venue. We can put as many XY3’s on the same phone as we’d like, but we like to distribute the responsibility. Each tracker on the app has a name and a picture of the piece of equipment it’s tracking.

This has been game changing for us and definitely one less thing to worry about on the road. Packing up is far less confusing as we don’t have to ask each other 2-3 times if we’d packed the drums, have all the amps, remembered the guitars, or stored the pedals. All we have to do now is make sure we don’t leave one of the band members behind, but we can track their phones with the XY Find It app if we wanted to!

Justin T

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