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If you need to track your important things, the XY GPS is the personal tracker for you. It's great for locating cars, drones, pets, luggage, or anything else that might travel long distances.

Choose your color
Cobalt  $79
Chromium  $79
Carmine  $79
Carbon  $79
Select your service plan
6 Months Service$20
12 Month Subscription$40
Lifetime Subscription$120
Cobalt XY GPS with 6-Month Service Subscription $99

After service subscription ends, monthly rates are $5 month to month. No Contract. Lifetime plan has no additional service fees.

  • Free US Ground Shipping
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 2 Year Warranty

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Track and Locate your things

Attach the XY GPS tracking device to your important items and find their last known location on a map from any smart device with the XY Find It app installed or from any internet enabled browser.

Configure for your needs

Configure the XY GPS unit so you can use GPS and Bluetooth or just Bluetooth. Adjust the settings for optimal battery life depending on your needs.

Rechargable batteries

The battery in the XY GPS unit is rechargeable with a micro-USB port, so recharging is as convenient as charging many of your other devices.