How the XY GPS Works

Using your internet browser or our free IOS or Android App, you can easily locate your things on a global scale with the XY GPS and it's use of our GSM network.

Download App, Attach and Pair

Download our XY Find It app from either the App Store or Play Store onto your smart device. Follow the on-screen instructions to pair your XY GPS to the desired item you want to locate or track.

Alternatively, you can also register your XY GPS from any internet-enabled browser by going to and either logging onto an existing account or creating a new account. Tap the same "+" from the web application and then enter the serial number from your XY GPS unit.

Locate on the Map

On the main view of either the XY Find It App or web application, you can tap on one of your listed items and the map will navigate to it's location. Alternatively, you can navigate the map to locate your trackers visually. Use the gear icon on each item, to access it's available settings.

Find your phone

Press the button on your XY GPS device to ring your phone, even on silent! Make sure your app is running in the background on your phone, bluetooth is enabled and you are in bluetooth range.

Rechargeable Battery

Micro USB Port

Use the micro USB charging cable provided with the XY GPS to charge your device. The port is located on the side, as shown in the image.

Charge via USB

Using the provided cable, you can plug your XY GPS into your powered on computer, laptop, or other power source with a USB socket.

Charge from Outlet

If you have a USB power adapter, you can plug your micro USB / USB cable into a wall outlet and charge your device there.

Plug into a Power Bank

With the USB power cord, the XY GPS can be attached to other power sources like a portable power bank, laptop, or any other USB power source to extend usage without recharge even further.

Network Connectivity and Power Management

The XY GPS tracker will work as a standalone device using GPS to get its location coordinates and a GSM network to transmit data back to the server and the user's account. If the XY GPS unit can detect a nearby device with Bluetooth enabled and running the XY Find It App, it will use the GPS information from the smart device and send the information via the smart device's cell or network connection. This behavior will substantially extend the battery life from a full charge of the XY GPS as BLE communication is a much lower strain on unit's internal processes and can extend the battery life from a full charge by days and even weeks.

The frequency of location polling can be adjusted to accommodate the current use and needs of the XY GPS device. The less frequent the polling, the longer a fully charged battery will last and vice versa.