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Never Lose Anything Important Again

XY3 and XY GPS Finders use Bluetooth and GPS technology respectively to help find lost or misplaced items quickly and easily. With our XY devices, find things near or far.

Find your lost or misplaced items with the Global XY GPS or Bluetooth XY3.

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Near or Far: Monitor, Track, and Find It!
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The XY3 Bluetooth Item Finder lets you use your phone to quickly find the things you misplace most - your keys, the remote, or the kids' backpacks. Lost your phone? The XY3 can make it ring, even on silent.

Find the things you misplace most like your keys, purse, phone, backpack or more with XY3.

The XY GPS gives you up-to-the-minute tracking information from virtually anywhere, allowing you to keep tabs on your pets, locate your lost luggage, finding your car or bicycle, or more.

With your XY GPS and phone, you can track and find pets, luggage, cars, and anything else too valuable to lose globally with GPS, cellular, and Bluetooth tech.

Learn how XY helps find what is important.

XY Find It + Zapier

XY Find It and Zapier are now connected! Learn how you can use your XY Finder to connect to your other applications with Zapier, making your life that much easier!

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Mechanic Took My Car for a Joyride

XY GPS helps customer keep tabs on his customized car. Read more about how he realized his mechanic took it for a joyride...

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GPS Track of My Cross Country Bike Ride

XY GPS can help keep track of road cyclists as they travel across the roads of America. Read more about how a cyclist in California tracked his progress on his cross-country ride.

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XY GPS - Moving Truck Tracking

XY GPS helps you track and locate things all over the country. An XY GPS tracker was great for following the movements of a moving truck to determine when it was finally going to arrive at it's new home.

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