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Lost Notifications

Users will get a notification when the item attached to a tag goes too far from your phone.

Locate Items

The app makes it easy to find items using the signal meter. A built-in beeper makes the tag ring so you can find your items faster.

Location History

If you lose an item, you can track where and when you last had it last.

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Our app

Intuitive Interface

From the side navigation to the menus, our goal is to make it as easy as possible to find and keep your items.


Our app allows you to see the status of your items at a glance. You can quickly see which items need your attention. Large icons make it easy to see which tags are associated with which items.


If an item goes missing, the app allows you to easily find it. The app tracks every time the phone sees the item or loses contact with it. With the easy to use map you can find items quickly and get back to your day.

A Tag With Killer UX That Finds Lost Keys and Pets





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